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Time for classical music is NOW.

In today's rushing world, this moment of concentration, and intimate relationship between the performer and the listener is needed. The world needs classics more than ever. It is my passion and I can become your guide in the world of sounds, so that you can immerse yourself in it.

Welcome words

My name is Dominika Glapiak and I’m a Polish pianist, educator and cultural projects’ creator living and working in Gdansk. I would like to introduce you to my work and passion. Enjoy!

Recent Projects

I'm always working on something creative on the side.
Explore my recent projects here.

Reach out if that sounds interesting to you.

CD releases

I proudly present some of my recorded music. Find details and links to order below.

If you fancy Spotify 

listen to my music here.


As a classically trained musician I had an opportunity to perform across the continents. I've experienced that music can touch one's heart no matter where it is performed. I deeply understand the moment of connection between the listener and performer, and how it can make a difference.


In my work as an educator, I try to motivate and encourage my students by sharing my own passion and energy. I hope to spark and boost their creativity and so I am always looking to equip them with tools to explore and fulfill their own potential.


I am currently working as a collaborative pianist and running the chamber music class at The Stanislaw Moniuszko Academy of Music in Gdansk.


I create events that bring chamber music experience to the wider community. I  believe that classical music is a journey, and all you need is a passionate guide to learn all about it and truly cherish it.

Learn more about some of my initiatives:

Fundacja Hanseatica

Muzyka u Uphagena

I performed in various cities around the world
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