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Chamber Music – my passion

Chamber music is a special genre of classical music with enormous potential in both artistic and social terms. Performing a chamber piece is nothing but a conversation between friends translated into musical form. There is structure, composition and topic – but the mood, energy and intimacy of it is a combination of many factors.

An Exchange

It is this musical dialogue, exchange, the process of gaining an unspoken understanding that is the dream of many artists. We may pursue it for our own fulfillment but it can also be an equally compelling artistic experience for our listeners. The relationships formed between performers are tangible, visible to the naked eye and of course audible. It is these relationships that lie at the heart of chamber music performances and speak to their value. Personally, I believe that the role of chamber music, as a musical equivalent of communication with another person, regardless of their background, culture and views, is extremely important in the modern day and age.

Polish Piano Trio

Various collaborations

Błażej Goliński / cello 

Michał Bergson – Grand Duo Dramatique

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